Dress Code

Upper Body: Students have the right to wear any headwear or shirt provided it meets the following conditions.

  1. Headwear may not be worn except with special permission from the principal.
  2. The midriff is not bare, front or back.
  3. While standing straight, shirts, tops, or blouses must come to the top of the pants or other lower body attire
  4. See-through tops or open-sided shirts shall be worn with a shirt underneath.
  5. Shirts, tops and dresses must have straps of one-inch minimum.

Lower Body: Attire for the lower body must meet the following standards:

  1. Lower body attire must fall mid thigh – halfway between the top of leg and the knee.
  2. Footwear with soles must be worn while on campus.
  3. No leggings or yoga pants unless the upper body attire comes to the mid thigh.

In addition to Putnam County rules for student attire, middle school students shall:

  1. Wear clothing that does not show undergarments.
  2. Refrain from wearing lounge/sleepwear.
  3. Wear something under clothing with holes unless the holes are below the knees.
  4. Wear clothing that does not inappropriately reveal parts of the body.
  5. Refrain from wearing clothing that depicts or alludes to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or is sexually suggestive.