Shelley Gaines

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This is my second year at WMS.  Prior to that I taught at Lincoln County High School.  I am married and have three daughters, one who is teaching at WVU as she attends graduate school there, another who is a senior this year at Hurricane and our youngest is a sophomore at Hurricane.  

I live in rural Hurricane and love nature!  I enjoy sewing, quilting, and creating just about everything.  (This summer we tore down an old barn and now I'm building things with the wood.)  I am very involved in my church and lead a bible study program for young adults.

At WMS, I am the Team 3 leader and I also train WEB leaders.  I encourage creative and critical thinking in my classes and reward these things, even when the "answer" is not exactly right.  

Students typically describe me as fun, fair, and straight-forward.  I challenge students to grow beyond what they think is possible and almost all students do.  Often, they are surprised at how much they learn.

I see families as partners, invested, as am I, in the success of their children.  The transition to middle school is sometimes a struggle for parents, as my communication is now primarily directed to the student.  However, I try to keep parents informed and am happy to respond to questions or concerns, so reach out!

I'm excited about this school year and am looking forward to meeting you and hope you can attend the Open House on August 16th.